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our story

our story

Two first-time parents and friends with a vision to create a collection of baby sleepsuits which are not only soft, kind to the skin and comfortable, but sustainable and easy to use!


We had both had babies suffer with eczema so the need for clothing that was free from chemicals was a must.


We also experienced many nights of trying to fasten the correct poppers on our babies’ sleepsuits and either missing some of them entirely or spending so long with bright phone torches shining that we might as well had put the kettle on and started off our days.


We found that searching for pretty, comfortable, non-toxic, and sustainable clothing was either extremely expensive or was questionable on how organic and sustainable it really was. We had noticed that many products were labelled differently and while some referred to products being sourced sustainably, some said made with organic cotton and others just said organic. Some were referring to the fabric itself but not the trims, zippers, buttons and some didn’t address the chemical, social nor environmental aspects of production.

We had unlocked a world of confusion and as you will know, we all want the best for our little people.

The search for soft, sustainable, non-toxic, organically made material from an ethically and social responsible manufacturer began.

Almost 2 years, and a lot of love and passion later we have launched AdoraCub

Our sleepsuits are made with love for both our little people and yours, with protecting our planet our top priority and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we have loved making them for you.